Magic moments

A question recently crossed my mind: what is the most magical moment during any booking? Is this different for gents and ladies? Of course these moments will be different for all of us and may vary even depending on whom we are with.

However, for me, there are several “magic moments”, some specific to new meetings, some to seeing a cherished companion and some to any meeting.

For example, there is the growing intimacy and connection of meeting with a regular, as our knowledge of each other increases, so does the intensity of each meeting. Many a time during a … Read the rest

Girlfriend Experience

“Love sees not with the eyes but with the mind” William Shakespeare”

What does a guy look for in a girlfriend? That is about as easy to answer as the meaning of life or the length of a piece of string.

Everyone is different, so will seek different traits, qualities and personality.

Therefore, if everyone is so different, what can one expect from an Escort who offers a “Girlfriend Experience”?… Read the rest

Release yourself in the nude massage..

Nude massage is more a way of talk than a fact.

I guess, what I am trying to say here is that a nude Massage it is just a session between me and you but not exclusive for men which of course, women are always welcome however, the majority of my clients are straight men whom, for many reasons, happen to feel comfortable having a female masseuse; one of those and probably the most important is the freedom to speak what is on their minds as well as the fact that any question is always welcome not matter the nature … Read the rest

Why can’t we leave it alone ……

Can some one out there tell me what it is with escorts ,that we can’t leave ourselves as nature intended.Now if your born tall,you wish you were petite and vice a versa. Busty escorts want to be flat chested and flat chested want to be buxom. Blondes want to brunette and brunettes blonde. Now in my case it is hair. In my time, i have dyed my long raven black hair blonde, auburn, brown and even ginger (although,that was a blonde job gone wrong)but still.Anyway dying is not a major problem. Should you not like the results, as i have … Read the rest

Dirty Dancing

After all the traveling and partying i have done recently ,i thought it was about time i stayed in and re-charged my batteries ( not getting any younger i’m afraid ;o) ) . Well anyway glass of wine in hand i flicked through my DVD’s until i got to,wait for it ….’Dirty Dancing’. O.k,you can moan and groan all you like. I will admit, it is cheese at it’s best, but it is so addictive. I have watched it a gazillion times,sometimes on my own,most of the time with girlfriends and a couple of times with un-willing partners/male … Read the rest

Boy 1 – ‘Marco’

Today I started.

Today I leapt into the unknown, and paid for sex with a boy. A young(ish), sensible, intelligent woman paying for sex. And it’s probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

His name was ‘Marco’, a young English lad of Italian decent. Dark features, olive skin, and a toned, tanned body. Not what I would normally go for, but finding a guy to have sex with a stranger at relatively short notice is actually quite impossible. Let alone finding anyone who might be ‘my type’.… Read the rest

The Right to Choose

“When people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.”

Madeleine Albright

I am so utterly disgusting, having spent the entire day in bed. Winter has finally descended upon us with rain non-stop since yesterday. Choosing to deny reality, I have simply remained under the duvet all day with my creature comforts and my laptop. The electric blanket is on and a plume of smoke is collecting on my ceiling as I refuse to open the window. I now understand how Linda Evangelista felt when she said “I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than USD … Read the rest

The Good Stuff by “Big”

Often when in company or out at a pub we hear people refer to what they are drinking as the good stuff. This normally would mean that they are drinking a fine whiskey. If you observe a gentleman sipping a fine whiskey, he will sip it slowly, savoring each mouthful. He will have a glass or two and make it last the whole evening. Drinking it from a clean glass, examining its golden consistency as he swirls it around in his glass. He breathes in deep and smiles taking in the intoxicating aroma. At the end of the evening, this … Read the rest

Website Upgrade and Other Changes

Well you’re probably wondering where I’ve been the last couple of weeks. Not far in fact, I’ve been right here but had to allocate my blogging time to other just as important pursuits. The elves at Claire Inc. have been running around preparing for photo shoots and a website upgrade soon to hit your computer screen.

Here’s what’s in the pipeline for 2016

Blog Competition

The deadline for the guest blog competition is fast approaching – 01 July 2016. For those who are not aware yet, I am running a guest blog competition on my site. Anyone can enter….  Escorts, Read the rest