Magic moments

A question recently crossed my mind: what is the most magical moment during any booking? Is this different for gents and ladies? Of course these moments will be different for all of us and may vary even depending on whom we are with.

However, for me, there are several “magic moments”, some specific to new meetings, some to seeing a cherished companion and some to any meeting.

For example, there is the growing intimacy and connection of meeting with a regular, as our knowledge of each other increases, so does the intensity of each meeting. Many a time during a meeting with one of the ladies I know best, we have both speculated whether our meetings really do become more intense each time and the answer is simple: they do. This is certainly a magical moment.

When one meets someone for the first time, there is the magical moment when the door opens and the mystery of what the lady is really like is suddenly solved and all of the mystique is done away with.


Magical moments for me during a meeting include the moment of penetration, particularly when the lady sits above me, takes my cock in her had and gently lowers herself onto me. That initial moment of intense intimacy is always special.

Equally, I enjoy the intimacy of Oral Without (OWO) and CIM and, occasionally, Anal too. Then there is making a lady cum, either with my tongue, fingers or during penetration and if a lady squirts too, this is exceptionally magical.

intimate moment

Entering into a long, lingering and passionate embrace is a magical moment, as any other Deep French Kissing aficionados would also attest to.

However, one of the most priceless aspects of meetings is the time spent together and the experiences jointly created. It is not something one can plan for, but just occurs. Sometimes everything clicks and other times it does not, but when it does, it is amazing.

Feeling that spontaneity whilst reading each other’s every desire and pleasuring it is an experience it is hard to rival.

There are many magical moments one can have in a meeting and I am sure everyone will have their own. The main thing is not what they are but the enjoyment of them when they do arise.

Girlfriend Experience

“Love sees not with the eyes but with the mind” William Shakespeare”

What does a guy look for in a girlfriend? That is about as easy to answer as the meaning of life or the length of a piece of string.

Everyone is different, so will seek different traits, qualities and personality.

Therefore, if everyone is so different, what can one expect from an Escort who offers a “Girlfriend Experience”?

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Release yourself in the nude massage..

Nude massage is more a way of talk than a fact.

I guess, what I am trying to say here is that a nude Massage it is just a session between me and you but not exclusive for men which of course, women are always welcome however, the majority of my clients are straight men whom, for many reasons, happen to feel comfortable having a female masseuse; one of those and probably the most important is the freedom to speak what is on their minds as well as the fact that any question is always welcome not matter the nature of it without any censorship from me. I am not here to judge anyone, I am here to listen, to explain and help you to feel comfortable on your own skin.

sensual masseuse

At my massage parlour I have a discretion policy which I take very seriously; sometimes I could refer to any situation with another client in order to make clear a point or using it as an example but I will never give personal details as for me part of my duties are to protect my clients private life and identity. Reasons why I never hold phone numbers, address, personal details or accept credit card payments.

I am a therapist, a sensual masseuse but if you let me I could be your friend, your confident and your trust is very important for me.

Why can’t we leave it alone ……

Can some one out there tell me what it is with escorts ,that we can’t leave ourselves as nature intended.Now if your born tall,you wish you were petite and vice a versa. Busty escorts want to be flat chested and flat chested want to be buxom. Blondes want to brunette and brunettes blonde. Now in my case it is hair. In my time, i have dyed my long raven black hair blonde, auburn, brown and even ginger (although,that was a blonde job gone wrong)but still.Anyway dying is not a major problem. Should you not like the results, as i have on many occasions (yes i know,but i never learn) this can be easily rectified. An afternoon at the salon and all should be fine and natural colour restored. Now my problem is perming …… mmm.
Having had straight hair all my life and not being able to do much with it,i woke up one morning and thought,why don’t i do something about that.Phoned up my local salon and off i trotted.Got there and specified that i don’t want it too curly and that it was wavy hair that i was after. Not a problem my Italian stylist promised and ushered me to the chair before i could change my mind.
Felling quite excited and imagining myself walking out of the salon later with ‘Catherine Zeta Jones’ hair, i settled back and let him do his job,after all, as he kept telling me ‘i have many years perming experience’……. Oh really ????
Well you wouldn’t have guessed that,judging by the results …..disaster, no make that major disaster!!!
Don’t worry ,it will drop out after few washes and you will get the result that you are after, i was told by the ‘experienced’ hairdresser,who was desperately trying to comfort me as i was hyperventilating ….Liar Liar Liar
I have now had my new coiffure for approximately one week and washed it about a million times,but it is still far too curly and not a wave in sight. I have been told by friends that ‘it’s not that bad babe’ and ‘just got out bed hair is sexy’ …yeah right. Even my mother could only muster up a ‘oh dear’ , yes, oh dear indeed.
Sadly for me i have to leave it for a few weeks before i can go and have my curls relaxed and hair restored to straight again. Maybe given time, i will grow to love my curls, but then again maybe not….

give me a massage!
I need a massage

Lesson learned for me ……….

Love and kisses ………
Diary by Carmen xxx

Dirty Dancing

After all the traveling and partying i have done recently ,i thought it was about time i stayed in and re-charged my batteries ( not getting any younger i’m afraid ;o) ) . Well anyway glass of wine in hand i flicked through my DVD’s until i got to,wait for it ….’Dirty Dancing’. O.k,you can moan and groan all you like. I will admit, it is cheese at it’s best, but it is so addictive. I have watched it a gazillion times,sometimes on my own,most of the time with girlfriends and a couple of times with un-willing partners/male friends.
Every time i watch it, i wish i was a teen in 1963 and spending my summer at a holiday camp like Kellerman’s. It seemed so carefree then,the perfect fairytale.’Johnny’ aka Patrick Swayze is just so delicious in the film. By the way did you know he was already 34yrs old when he made the film,but you wouldn’t of guessed it ,going by his gorgeous physique and those moves, phew and what moves they were ( o.k i will pick my tongue up and stop drooling now ) ….lol

Even now 30yrs later i still want to be ‘Baby’ and gyrate with ‘Johnny’. I am sure over the years i am not the only one that has had ‘wet dreams’ after watching the film. I have read somewhere that you can visit the site where the film was made. Catskill Mountains,Pembroke Virginia i believe. I may have to join the ‘DD’ pilgrimage and personally trek there and pay my homage to this fantasy that has accompanied me from childhood,to teen and then womanhood.
This is my favorite song and clip from the movie ‘Hungry eyes’,performed by ‘Eric Carmen’ who’s voice incidentally does not match his looks ( teach me for googling )
I tried to add it as link,but alas it doesn’t seemed to have worked. Not that you are really interested i guess,but if you are, then just copy and paste the link above in to your browser and away you go.

dirty dancing the movie

Well my glass needs topping up now,so i am off to fantasize some more ….mmmm…….. ;o))
Kisses ……

Boy 1 – ‘Marco’

Today I started.

Today I leapt into the unknown, and paid for sex with a boy. A young(ish), sensible, intelligent woman paying for sex. And it’s probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

His name was ‘Marco’, a young English lad of Italian decent. Dark features, olive skin, and a toned, tanned body. Not what I would normally go for, but finding a guy to have sex with a stranger at relatively short notice is actually quite impossible. Let alone finding anyone who might be ‘my type’.

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The Right to Choose

“When people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.”

Madeleine Albright

I am so utterly disgusting, having spent the entire day in bed. Winter has finally descended upon us with rain non-stop since yesterday. Choosing to deny reality, I have simply remained under the duvet all day with my creature comforts and my laptop. The electric blanket is on and a plume of smoke is collecting on my ceiling as I refuse to open the window. I now understand how Linda Evangelista felt when she said “I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than USD 10,000”. Alright, I’m not Linda and probably if I were offered that amount of money, taking my latest bill from the receiver of revenue into consideration, I most definitely would get out of bed. It’s an apt metaphor for how I feel right now but don’t take me literally.

I don’t know what it is about Saturday’s but I always receive the most ridiculous phone calls on a Saturday. This is why I prefer married men, they’ve all been vetted at least once before but on Saturday’s the lonely hearts singles club and drunks come out to play. Some of these people are single for very good reason and when I decline their offers they just get angry at me. Sometimes yelling profanities at me over the phone. I suppose my reaction just confirms for them their attitude towards women and so they choose to unleash their wrath upon me. But then, what am I supposed to do? Accept the offer? Even when my clam is yelling no, no, please OMG no. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to achieve such a disconnect.

Some people feel that I am a dark stain on the profession because I chose my clientele. They think that if I advertise my services like any other business that I should offer that self-same service to all. The reality is that I am not one of the “gifted” companions who are able to offer a one size fits all service. I spend time with my gentlemen and get to know them. My speciality is dinner dates and extended bookings, if I am unable to strike up a rapport with you then I am wasting my time and yours and compromising my integrity and reputation by taking your money.

If I decline an appointment, it should not be taken as an insult. There is somebody out there who is especially designed for you. In order to do what I do, I convince myself that I am on an actual date. This is how I deliver a natural, seamless girlfriend experience (for that time, I am your girlfriend). If you are not a person whose company I would enjoy in ordinary life, it is difficult for me to perpetuate that fantasy in my own mind. I do realise that I am fortunate to be able to choose and am grateful for my gentlemen every day.

Long-term, I’m hoping that somebody will see through my scruffy but lovable street urchin ways and wife me. I am not a career courtesan, this is a detour for me and that is why I’m building this website. So that one day I can move more towards the writing and advisory aspect of this industry. I am not one of the girls who laugh in the face of people trying to save me from my job; the tragic reality is that nobody considers me worthy of being saved.

So, until such time as I meet Mr. Right I will be chugging along on my own merry way, doing things in a way that work for me. I hope that my Saturday callers are able to understand my point of view or at least respect my right to have a point of view. Maybe if I say no thanks, they will speak more gently to the next person that they call. I’m sort of the Joan of Arc of industry. Teaching crass men how to behave properly so they can go on to treat other women properly, never reaping the direct benefit of my own labour.

I am however working very hard to improve myself in every way. Staying in bed and doing nothing is phase two of my diet strategy – fasting. Having spent the last two weeks toning up, I have come to the conclusion that if just keep still and don’t eat I will be more successful. My housekeeper agrees with me. She is the only person who isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m fat or I have a zit on my face. “Eish Claire, you’re getting fats.” Quote, unquote, word for word. Her feedback was positive today so I feel I’m on the right track. For the next six day’s not a morsel of solid food will pass my mouth. I feel hungry already just thinking about it.

I once met a man who came to see me because his girlfriend had asked him for a monthly allowance. He felt a bit disgruntled and decided if he was paying for it he’d come and see me instead. I won’t mention what the allowance amount was, but let’s just say I’ve already spent that on personal maintenance and beauty alone this month and we’re only halfway through the month. Maybe that man should have taken that offer while it was still good. Last time I checked, we were in a recession but the costs of “outer” beauty keep on rising. Prince charming had better find me quickly before I go bust again.

The Good Stuff by “Big”

Often when in company or out at a pub we hear people refer to what they are drinking as the good stuff. This normally would mean that they are drinking a fine whiskey. If you observe a gentleman sipping a fine whiskey, he will sip it slowly, savoring each mouthful. He will have a glass or two and make it last the whole evening. Drinking it from a clean glass, examining its golden consistency as he swirls it around in his glass. He breathes in deep and smiles taking in the intoxicating aroma. At the end of the evening, this gentleman stands up and leaves happily.

whiskey on the rock

At the same pub, you are likely to see another guy drinking a less rarefied whiskey. He will mostly likely down it or drink straight from the bottle. He never seems satisfied; he feels terrible the next day and often says never again.

Now when choosing your lady, escort in London or anywhere one should do the same. Go for the good stuff. You can search many escort websites or agencies that gives you hundreds of escorts to choose from. You can search for days not sure what to go for with little more than a picture to go by. Some are cheaper than others, I have experienced a few of these. When you arrive, you feel anxious as you look at the place. As you walk into the room you think what am I doing here? Its over before you start, you feel cheap and dirty but no smile, like a hangover. Just remember that when you are slugging it out of a bottle you never know where it has been.

Ok, so now you find a smaller escort site it looks more sophisticated and more expensive. First instinct is to shy away, but motivated by curiously you might have a closer look. The ladies look great, easy to spot a stunner. Hey don’t let the price frighten you, this is what you really are looking for. Once there you feel almost at home, the place is presentable, clean and comfortable. This lady you will see time and time again taking in the pleasure of a great experience and company. Yes this is the good stuff.

Now a bit of other advice. Remember that when the escort on the other side of the phone seems short or rude maybe she is imagining a cheap whiskey and not the good stuff. Maybe change how you approach her because when you visit the good stuff it is really worth it.

Claire you are the good stuff! A great escort and a courtesan of distinction.

This guest blog was written by a gentleman who has been with me for years. I met him at a club and after I left he searched for me until he found me again.

Big! Thank you for writing a guest blog for my site. It’s such a glowing commendation; I wasn’t sure whether to post it on my blog or under the references section. I think I will add it to my references but will leave it here too so that it can be entered into the competition.


Website Upgrade and Other Changes

Well you’re probably wondering where I’ve been the last couple of weeks. Not far in fact, I’ve been right here but had to allocate my blogging time to other just as important pursuits. The elves at Claire Inc. have been running around preparing for photo shoots and a website upgrade soon to hit your computer screen.

Here’s what’s in the pipeline for 2016

Blog Competition

The deadline for the guest blog competition is fast approaching – 01 July 2016. For those who are not aware yet, I am running a guest blog competition on my site. Anyone can enter….  Escorts, Courtesans, Strippers, Indie Authors, Sex Bloggers and Gentlemen are all welcome.

The Winner Wins:-

First Prize: An afternoon or evening with me.


If I am unable to service the prize, you are overseas or you are female I will transfer cash or a voucher to the value of GBP 250 to you.

You can write about anything that you want. Your experiences in industry, relationships, an erotica short story or just what’s on your mind. There is no predetermined length or special conditions. The only criteria for the blog post is that it not be sordid, that it be relevant and that it helps to generate traffic to my site. My web developer will assist me in collating data to this effect. Winner will be announced on the 1st of July 2016.

If you are interested in entering the competition, please email me on info(*) before entering a post.

New Gallery

As you are all aware, and I have mentioned this in a previous post. My gallery has collapsed under the heavy weight of the pictures from the first photo shoot. This was my first time taking pictures for my own website and my logic was to hire the most current and competent photographer with the most high tech equipment. The photo shoot went extraordinarily well but unfortunately produced files that were too heavy for my poor WordPress site to bear. The result is that the gallery hangs when you click to enlarge a picture.

A new gallery shoot was done on Monday, the theme for the photo shoot was Burlesque and I am told that it went well. I have not seen the pictures personally as I never approve of my own image. When they are ready they will be sent to my web developer. The pictures should be up towards the end of next week.

New Website Layout

Having had this website for about six months now, I have gained some insight as to how it should run and am making changes to the layout.  We are currently in this process and if you stare at the site long enough you will be able to see the construction going on around you. I am now back at my blog and apologise for the intermission.

Winter Special and Pricing Update

For the duration of winter I am running a two hour special and have implemented a few other small changes to my rate sheet. I have received some concerned enquiries from persons asking why my rate sheet form requests an email address. Please be assured that I am not farming email addresses. The only people who receive emails from me (once or twice annually) are the people who subscribe to my newsletter on the left hand side of the screen. I do not even email my regulars. The only reason the rate sheet is attached to a form is for legal reason due to the fact that my site is hosted in the Seychelles and exists only to prove that the information was distributed on your request. If you are concerned you can always create a fake email account or contact me telephonically. Contact sheets are standard on all sites around the world and although it is relatively new in London on an independent escort site such as mine, it is not a trick of any kind.

New Venue

We are moving towards a new venue at the beginning of Summer, FEB 2016. In order to raise funds for this, I have re-implemented the one hour in call. Please note that I pay tax, offer my gentlemen the best of everything and invested lots of money in marketing alone into my business in the previous year. I work privately, am independent and carry all costs on my own. Most people do not spend that much money even if they are in industry full time. I am part time and working on a quarter of the volume of most girls and have invested what should have been savings into trying to elevate myself and this enterprise to international standards. I am not reinventing the wheel and hope that before I go, I have created a model and set an example of how civilised and pleasant this kind of business can be when run independently to show that it can be beneficial to both parties. All of the changes have been implemented in order to offer you the exclusivity that I expect and you deserve. I appreciate my regulars, their support and thank you for your loyalty. I am working towards offering you a wow venue that is very discreet and upmarket and have a few other surprises in the pipeline.