Girlfriend Experience the TV series

Girlfriend Experience

“Love sees not with the eyes but with the mind” William Shakespeare”

What does a guy look for in a girlfriend? That is about as easy to answer as the meaning of life or the length of a piece of string.

Everyone is different, so will seek different traits, qualities and personality.

Therefore, if everyone is so different, what can one expect from an Escort who offers a “Girlfriend Experience”?

This has always intrigued me, as my experiences have really varied. Really varied! From ladies who would not even kiss to a lady who was more like a bunny boiling wife, I guess I have seen quite a spectrum.

In fact, I would say I do not really like the term “Girlfriend Experience” at all. My rational is that it can come over as a false, put on act, whereas, I would rather a lady just be herself and natural.

Do not misunderstand me, I seek only a professional arrangement, but it has to feel authentic. Otherwise, it is a waste of everyone’s time.

One of the best descriptions I have seen was on Top Escort Book , where a lady described herself as a “Real Lover Experience”: Now we are talking!

I am sure I am not the only one who has had a wide range of girlfriends too. From the foxy minx to the prude, which type do you think I most sought in an Escort? Not much of a poser, is it?

I have met those who are dispassionate and have no interest in either the client or his satisfaction. I have met those who are quite Misanthropic too. Yet, I have also met those who are incredibly giving and passionate and the experience is immense and intense.

Let’s look at this issue from the other side too. What does an Escort seek?

I know many ladies do seek an intense interaction, one where they connect with a client on many levels and the sex is so intuitive. As the Shakespearean quote I opened with opines, there is so much more to a deep interaction. Whilst it is not love in the conventional sense, it still retains much of the intensity and passion of a conventional relationship, particularly if parties meet on a regular basis.

Many ladies have said to me they do not enjoy the visit of a client who wants to bang for the duration of the booking. Aside from the physical demands on them and the likelihood it would hurt, it is not an enjoyable experience for the lady.

This was enlightening to me when I heard it for the first time, as I thought we men had to be a certain way or one would feel like a let down to the lady. To hear many a lady enjoys a more rounded experience felt like the pressure was off! I could be myself and either a lady gets me and connects or she does not. I do not need to be a mega shag machine to impress her and a bit of consideration and awareness of her desires creates a far more favourable impression than the ability to shake her bones all night long!

The best thing to arise from my blog is without a shadow of doubt the people I have become acquainted with through it. I have formed some good connections with some delightful people, ladies and gents alike, in the scene and from outside it.

One such person is someone who has helped me immensely with the restoration of my blog. Without her involvement, there is no doubt this blog would have ceased and vanished last autumn.

As a former Escort and now a relationship expert and a published author, with much media experience, Rebecca Dakin is far more qualified than me to comment on the “Girlfriend Experience” from an Escort’s viewpoint than I am.

I asked Rebecca for her view and her comment was as follows:

“Everyone has their own interpretation of the sought-after ‘Girlfriend Experience’ (GFE), but to most people it means a lady who makes the experience fun, enjoyable, unhurried and relaxing – more like a ‘real date’than a commercial encounter. However, in practice whether this is actually achieved depends on many things, including personality, chemistry and mutual expectations.

My very personal view is that a GFE cannot be accomplished through a bedroom date. I believe that it can only truly be achieved if you are taking the lady out and about for dinner or some sort of social time. I also believe that you shouldn’t advertise yourself as offering the GFE if you don’t kiss.

Because you can’t create intimacy properly without kissing. A mutual desire to please and be pleased is also beneficial for a true Girlfriend Experience. These are very personal views and there is no right or wrong.”

A fascinating insight and I totally agree with Rebecca that a truly close Girlfriend Experience cannot be accomplished with bedroom time alone and this is certainly my experience too, from a gent’s perspective.

The Book: The Girlfriend Experience: My Fun and Adventurous Life as an Escort
The Book: The Girlfriend Experience: My Fun and Adventurous Life as an Escort

If anyone seeks further enlightenment, I can endorse reading Rebecca’s book ((hard copy and digital) can be found at Amazon

Girlfriend Experience the TV series
Girlfriend Experience the TV series

There also an TV series is about the escort life… You can find here: