The Good Stuff by “Big”

Often when in company or out at a pub we hear people refer to what they are drinking as the good stuff. This normally would mean that they are drinking a fine whiskey. If you observe a gentleman sipping a fine whiskey, he will sip it slowly, savoring each mouthful. He will have a glass or two and make it last the whole evening. Drinking it from a clean glass, examining its golden consistency as he swirls it around in his glass. He breathes in deep and smiles taking in the intoxicating aroma. At the end of the evening, this gentleman stands up and leaves happily.

whiskey on the rock

At the same pub, you are likely to see another guy drinking a less rarefied whiskey. He will mostly likely down it or drink straight from the bottle. He never seems satisfied; he feels terrible the next day and often says never again.

Now when choosing your lady, escort in London or anywhere one should do the same. Go for the good stuff. You can search many escort websites or agencies that gives you hundreds of escorts to choose from. You can search for days not sure what to go for with little more than a picture to go by. Some are cheaper than others, I have experienced a few of these. When you arrive, you feel anxious as you look at the place. As you walk into the room you think what am I doing here? Its over before you start, you feel cheap and dirty but no smile, like a hangover. Just remember that when you are slugging it out of a bottle you never know where it has been.

Ok, so now you find a smaller escort site it looks more sophisticated and more expensive. First instinct is to shy away, but motivated by curiously you might have a closer look. The ladies look great, easy to spot a stunner. Hey don’t let the price frighten you, this is what you really are looking for. Once there you feel almost at home, the place is presentable, clean and comfortable. This lady you will see time and time again taking in the pleasure of a great experience and company. Yes this is the good stuff.

Now a bit of other advice. Remember that when the escort on the other side of the phone seems short or rude maybe she is imagining a cheap whiskey and not the good stuff. Maybe change how you approach her because when you visit the good stuff it is really worth it.

Claire you are the good stuff! A great escort and a courtesan of distinction.

This guest blog was written by a gentleman who has been with me for years. I met him at a club and after I left he searched for me until he found me again.

Big! Thank you for writing a guest blog for my site. It’s such a glowing commendation; I wasn’t sure whether to post it on my blog or under the references section. I think I will add it to my references but will leave it here too so that it can be entered into the competition.