Release yourself in the nude massage..

Nude massage is more a way of talk than a fact.

I guess, what I am trying to say here is that a nude Massage it is just a session between me and you but not exclusive for men which of course, women are always welcome however, the majority of my clients are straight men whom, for many reasons, happen to feel comfortable having a female masseuse; one of those and probably the most important is the freedom to speak what is on their minds as well as the fact that any question is always welcome not matter the nature of it without any censorship from me. I am not here to judge anyone, I am here to listen, to explain and help you to feel comfortable on your own skin.

sensual masseuse

At my massage parlour I have a discretion policy which I take very seriously; sometimes I could refer to any situation with another client in order to make clear a point or using it as an example but I will never give personal details as for me part of my duties are to protect my clients private life and identity. Reasons why I never hold phone numbers, address, personal details or accept credit card payments.

I am a therapist, a sensual masseuse but if you let me I could be your friend, your confident and your trust is very important for me.