Girlfriend Experience

“Love sees not with the eyes but with the mind” William Shakespeare”

What does a guy look for in a girlfriend? That is about as easy to answer as the meaning of life or the length of a piece of string.

Everyone is different, so will seek different traits, qualities and personality.

Therefore, if everyone is so different, what can one expect from an Escort who offers a “Girlfriend Experience”?… Read the rest

Release yourself in the nude massage..

Nude massage is more a way of talk than a fact.

I guess, what I am trying to say here is that a nude Massage it is just a session between me and you but not exclusive for men which of course, women are always welcome however, the majority of my clients are straight men whom, for many reasons, happen to feel comfortable having a female masseuse; one of those and probably the most important is the freedom to speak what is on their minds as well as the fact that any question is always welcome not matter the nature … Read the rest

Morning Glory

a girl has a wild dream about sex

This mornings office Fantasy – a wild dream by Nina

I’m in the office, browsing my phone for boys. I find one, give him my work details, and tell him to make an appointment to see me.

My sleazy boss comes over, and places one hand on the back of my chair and spins it round so I face him, another hand on my desk so it’s the perfect position to stare down my tight, white shirt into the crevice of my cleavage. I enjoy the attention, as today I have something special planned. I leave my legs suggestively open. … Read the rest

Boy 1 – ‘Marco’

Today I started.

Today I leapt into the unknown, and paid for sex with a boy. A young(ish), sensible, intelligent woman paying for sex. And it’s probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

His name was ‘Marco’, a young English lad of Italian decent. Dark features, olive skin, and a toned, tanned body. Not what I would normally go for, but finding a guy to have sex with a stranger at relatively short notice is actually quite impossible. Let alone finding anyone who might be ‘my type’.… Read the rest

Why the 50 Shades of Grey Movie will Make Millions but Kill the Brand

Somewhere on my bookshelf, hidden behind all of my other books is the Fifty Shades Trilogy still packaged neatly in its box. Academically, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I own the books and that is why they are hidden but the curiosity was killing me so I snuck off and sheepishly bought them as a Christmas gift for myself late last year. I did not manage to finish reading the books for reasons I’ll explain later but I am fascinated by this phenomena that has swept across the globe.

50 shades of grey and escort story

There does not seem to be any stopping … Read the rest

The Flying Dutchman

It’s 12pm on a Friday afternoon. I have just done my in-call appointment for the day and Big Joe is in the shower preparing to go back to work. I pop downstairs to check on my phones and find an email from a Dutch lady who calls herself Enna. Enna states in the email that she is trying to reach me but I’m not answering, am I available to speak to her. I check my phones and there I see two missed international calls so I text back apologising for missing the call and tell her that I am available … Read the rest

The Dichotomy of Companions and Hobbyists

When I was young, I had a strange habit of chewing my food equally as many times on either side of my mouth before swallowing. I attribute this bizarre custom to a story that was once told to me by a very old Irish nun. Before primary school, I had a lost year where my mother was transferred to a new job and I was not happy with the kindergarten I was going to. Nobody knew what to do with me so I went to a roman catholic convent where they had a zero year. It was a peculiar year … Read the rest

Follow your bliss – the connection between tantra and creative energy

the tantra temple
the tantra temple

Since starting to learn about Tantra, I’ve come to understand that there is always some new to discover, it is an ever changing web. It is a vast and ancient subject, not static in its definition. The discussion of what Tantra is can stem from the influences and cultural background of its development, how it has evolved and changed along the way. Personally Tantra is about being honest, authentic and yourself, it is connected with using the body and following pleasure, desire and passion not just in sex, in every aspect of our lives, it incorporates … Read the rest

My secret fashion outfit For Role Play

I’ve always had a thing about school uniforms: white knickers, long socks, pleated skirts but its only since I’ve been working as an indpendent escort in London have I been able to exercise my imagination and have had such fun. My names Twilight and I learnt at an early age that lots of men have a fantasy about that too. It’s really exciting having my knickers pulled down and gently smacked when dressed like a naughty school girl. “Giggles”… Read the rest

Measure the Beauty

I do like facts and figures as you may know and apart from my own sexy, shapely stats I was fascinated to learn that there is a perfect beauty ratio that governs a woman’s face. Known as the two golden ratios, they are:

  • a) The ideal length between the eyes and the mouth and
  • b) The preferred width between the eyes.

The ancient Greeks where the first to play with the concept of golden ratios when expressing themselves in art and architecture though nowadays the average distance between the eyes, mouth and face contour forms the true golden rations.


According … Read the rest