Magic moments

A question recently crossed my mind: what is the most magical moment during any booking? Is this different for gents and ladies? Of course these moments will be different for all of us and may vary even depending on whom we are with.

However, for me, there are several “magic moments”, some specific to new meetings, some to seeing a cherished companion and some to any meeting.

For example, there is the growing intimacy and connection of meeting with a regular, as our knowledge of each other increases, so does the intensity of each meeting. Many a time during a meeting with one of the ladies I know best, we have both speculated whether our meetings really do become more intense each time and the answer is simple: they do. This is certainly a magical moment.

When one meets someone for the first time, there is the magical moment when the door opens and the mystery of what the lady is really like is suddenly solved and all of the mystique is done away with.


Magical moments for me during a meeting include the moment of penetration, particularly when the lady sits above me, takes my cock in her had and gently lowers herself onto me. That initial moment of intense intimacy is always special.

Equally, I enjoy the intimacy of Oral Without (OWO) and CIM and, occasionally, Anal too. Then there is making a lady cum, either with my tongue, fingers or during penetration and if a lady squirts too, this is exceptionally magical.

intimate moment

Entering into a long, lingering and passionate embrace is a magical moment, as any other Deep French Kissing aficionados would also attest to.

However, one of the most priceless aspects of meetings is the time spent together and the experiences jointly created. It is not something one can plan for, but just occurs. Sometimes everything clicks and other times it does not, but when it does, it is amazing.

Feeling that spontaneity whilst reading each other’s every desire and pleasuring it is an experience it is hard to rival.

There are many magical moments one can have in a meeting and I am sure everyone will have their own. The main thing is not what they are but the enjoyment of them when they do arise.