Summer Lovin’

I had the pleasure recently of being booked by a Scottish couple who were staying in London on a short break. They had travelled down to London on the train and were staying in a motel near to Kings Cross. They had their long weekend all planned including visits to various museums, riding on the London eye, enjoying the waxworks at Madame Tussauds seeing Piccadilly Circus and strolling along the embankment. One thing they had also planned was to meet up with another couple they had met on holiday the year before.
The couple were actively involved in the swinging lifestyle and had holidayed in the hedonism resort in Jamaica. They had met an English couple whilst there and swapped numbers. During their stay in London they had planned to hook up with the other couple for some fun together but were disappointed when they couldn’t contact them. So as not to miss out on an exciting evening with company entirely they contacted our agency and asked to book some time with me. I eagerly agreed.

I was the first to arrive in the hotel bar. I looked around to see if any of the couples in the room were likely to be my companions. I hoped not. I had just ordered a drink when a well dressed couple in their forties stood in the doorway to the bar looking around. I caught their gaze and was greeted with a warm smile from both of them. The lady led her partner over to me saying ‘ Summer?’ I nodded in confirmation and she introduced herself as Margaret and he husband as Sandy. We kissed European style and they sat down and ordered their drinks. I took a sip of my own drink as I felt them appraising me. I had chosen to wear a slim fitting black dress which was fairly low cut and showed off my naturally large bust to perfection. I teamed this with a pair of suede black heels and lots of chunky jewellery.

I looked up over my drink and my eyes met Margaret’s. She smiled happily and seemed to be nodding her approval to her husband. She leaned into me and patted my knee, ‘I think we will have a wonderful evening together, don’t you Sandy?’ To which Sandy nodded obediently. Drinks dispensed with, Margaret left orders with the barman to bring two bottles of white wine to their room before walking briskly in the direction of the lifts.

Their room was clean, comfortable and dominated by a huge bed. There was a TV in the room, coffee making facilities and a small en-suite shower room. All in all, there was everything we needed to hand. Margaret was just showing me their array of adult toys when there came a knock at the door. It was the wine. Sandy carefully placed the tray on the small dressing table and tipped the busboy. He then turned and poured us each a glass holding his high in the air and exclaiming ‘cheers!’

Hours later we sat together on the large sofas, our slightly flushed faces aglow and the now empty bottles of wine still standing on the dressing table. Our time together had certainly been enjoyable and it seemed that Margaret and Sandy thought so too as Sandy broke the silence by saying ‘I’m glad Ali and Dave were out.’

Note: This story is fictional and does not represent the identity or actions of any real people.

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Overnight Appointment at the Dorchester

I woke this morning in a white fluffy cloud, well that’s not entirely the truth but that is exactly how I would imagine it would feel like. Let me explain, I had been booked for an overnight escort appointment as the guest of an international businessman who desired some female companionship during his stay in London. He had booked a suite of rooms at The Dorchester, the Oliver Messel suite in fact, with its ornate furnishings and beautiful drapes however even the Bang & Olufsen entertainment centre could not hold his attention for long and he was soon longing for some human attention. Cue my arrival.

As I arrived at the suite I was greeted by my date who had considerately ordered a wonderful 3 course meal with champagne. The table was a masterpiece and we feasted on Tempura prawns, whole Dover sole and hazelnut meringue with balsamic infused strawberries. The conversation was light and flirty and we had a great deal of fun together discussing everything under the sun and more. Thinking back on it now, I realise that this lifestyle is not something to which many girls my age can experience. I am twenty four and hold a degree in computer studies however tapping a keyboard soon became boring and I looked for something a little more adventurous which could accommodate the lifestyle I hankered for. Escorting was the answer for me and looking around this prestigious suite of rooms at the Dorchester only confirms my decision.

My date has already left the suite as he is attending a business meeting however he has requested that I stay longer and have lunch with him. He has given me carte blanche (and a stuffed envelope) to wander the local shops in the Mayfair and Park Lane vicinity whilst he is gone so I think I may pick him up a little present to thank him for his generosity, plus of course, any gorgeous little trinkets I might spot along the way!

I slid out from between the pure Egyptian cotton sheets and padded leisurely to the bathroom pausing to read the leaflet placed on a small console table promoting the Dorchester Spa. I decided to forego the shopping and spend the afternoon taking advantage of the ‘Pampering on Park Lane’ offer, well one should take advantage of these things I thought. As I showered I thought about the Dorchester manicure, deluxe facial, aromatherapy steam room, relaxation room and afternoon tea at the Spatisserie and wondered if I could be cheeky enough to fit in a deep tissue massage before my date would return, I would play it by ear.

The afternoon flew past on a wave of tranquillity, I was massaged, relaxed, glowing and tingling all over by the time I returned to the rooftop suite. The sun was shining and it was actually a beautiful afternoon in London. Despite being situated on busy Park Lane, noise from the streets below did not filter up to the suite and my cloud of peace continued as I waited for my date to return. I flicked through various couture magazines thoughtfully provided by the hotel and allowed myself a small smile of happiness that I had chosen this path for my lifestyle.

*Note: This is story is fictional and does not represent the identity or actions of any real people