Why can’t we leave it alone ……

Can some one out there tell me what it is with escorts ,that we can’t leave ourselves as nature intended.Now if your born tall,you wish you were petite and vice a versa. Busty escorts want to be flat chested and flat chested want to be buxom. Blondes want to brunette and brunettes blonde. Now in my case it is hair. In my time, i have dyed my long raven black hair blonde, auburn, brown and even ginger (although,that was a blonde job gone wrong)but still.Anyway dying is not a major problem. Should you not like the results, as i have on many occasions (yes i know,but i never learn) this can be easily rectified. An afternoon at the salon and all should be fine and natural colour restored. Now my problem is perming …… mmm.
Having had straight hair all my life and not being able to do much with it,i woke up one morning and thought,why don’t i do something about that.Phoned up my local salon and off i trotted.Got there and specified that i don’t want it too curly and that it was wavy hair that i was after. Not a problem my Italian stylist promised and ushered me to the chair before i could change my mind.
Felling quite excited and imagining myself walking out of the salon later with ‘Catherine Zeta Jones’ hair, i settled back and let him do his job,after all, as he kept telling me ‘i have many years perming experience’……. Oh really ????
Well you wouldn’t have guessed that,judging by the results …..disaster, no make that major disaster!!!
Don’t worry ,it will drop out after few washes and you will get the result that you are after, i was told by the ‘experienced’ hairdresser,who was desperately trying to comfort me as i was hyperventilating ….Liar Liar Liar
I have now had my new coiffure for approximately one week and washed it about a million times,but it is still far too curly and not a wave in sight. I have been told by friends that ‘it’s not that bad babe’ and ‘just got out bed hair is sexy’ …yeah right. Even my mother could only muster up a ‘oh dear’ , yes, oh dear indeed.
Sadly for me i have to leave it for a few weeks before i can go and have my curls relaxed and hair restored to straight again. Maybe given time, i will grow to love my curls, but then again maybe not….

give me a massage!
I need a massage

Lesson learned for me ……….

Love and kisses ………
Diary by Carmen xxx