dirty dancing

Dirty Dancing

After all the traveling and partying i have done recently ,i thought it was about time i stayed in and re-charged my batteries ( not getting any younger i’m afraid ;o) ) . Well anyway glass of wine in hand i flicked through my DVD’s until i got to,wait for it ….’Dirty Dancing’. O.k,you can moan and groan all you like. I will admit, it is cheese at it’s best, but it is so addictive. I have watched it a gazillion times,sometimes on my own,most of the time with girlfriends and a couple of times with un-willing partners/male friends.
Every time i watch it, i wish i was a teen in 1963 and spending my summer at a holiday camp like Kellerman’s. It seemed so carefree then,the perfect fairytale.’Johnny’ aka Patrick Swayze is just so delicious in the film. By the way did you know he was already 34yrs old when he made the film,but you wouldn’t of guessed it ,going by his gorgeous physique and those moves, phew and what moves they were ( o.k i will pick my tongue up and stop drooling now ) ….lol

Even now 30yrs later i still want to be ‘Baby’ and gyrate with ‘Johnny’. I am sure over the years i am not the only one that has had ‘wet dreams’ after watching the film. I have read somewhere that you can visit the site where the film was made. Catskill Mountains,Pembroke Virginia i believe. I may have to join the ‘DD’ pilgrimage and personally trek there and pay my homage to this fantasy that has accompanied me from childhood,to teen and then womanhood.
This is my favorite song and clip from the movie ‘Hungry eyes’,performed by ‘Eric Carmen’ who’s voice incidentally does not match his looks ( teach me for googling ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpmILPAcRQo
I tried to add it as link,but alas it doesn’t seemed to have worked. Not that you are really interested i guess,but if you are, then just copy and paste the link above in to your browser and away you go.

dirty dancing the movie

Well my glass needs topping up now,so i am off to fantasize some more ….mmmm…….. ;o))
Kisses ……