a girl has a wild dream about sex

Morning Glory

a girl has a wild dream about sex

This mornings office Fantasy – a wild dream by Nina

I’m in the office, browsing my phone for boys. I find one, give him my work details, and tell him to make an appointment to see me.

My sleazy boss comes over, and places one hand on the back of my chair and spins it round so I face him, another hand on my desk so it’s the perfect position to stare down my tight, white shirt into the crevice of my cleavage. I enjoy the attention, as today I have something special planned. I leave my legs suggestively open. ‘You have a request.’ He grins as me, eyes fixed on my tits. ‘We have a big high flyer who could be a big account. He’s asked for you personally. Can you handle a big one?’ I roll my eyes, nod, and suck a little bit on my pen as I I spin my chair around..that’s enough, for now. I want to tease this out…

An hour later, reception ring. My ‘guest’ is downstairs, looking just like his pictures on the site I found him. I go downstairs with my boss. My Guest is tall, toned, and not looking a million miles away from Rodrigo Santoro. He’s in a fine, custom made suit and smells of fresh linen and opportunity.

My boss shakes is hand and leads him to the lifts. I, as his subordinate, just follow closely behind. My hand on Santoro’s arse as he tries to bluff his way through a conversation. In the lift, my boss stares up at the numbers as we travel up, and my hand settles on Santoros’s crotch. I can feel his dick slowly hardening, and clears his throat to stifle a moan as I grip it firmly and begin working my hand over his erection.

We reach our floor and I stride out, leaving him having to cover his groin with his briefcase as the boss leads him to the meeting room.

I close the doors once they’re inside, and draw the blinds and lock the door so we have total privacy. My boss is surprised, I usually insist on leaving them open so he can’t jump me. But I dim the lights so he can begin the dull powerpoint presentation. I’m sat close to my guest as the boss stands and begins the waffle.

My hand open’s Santoro’s fly, and I pull out his big, hard, throbbing dick. He’s desperately pretending to take down notes, but my hand is firmly working that big cock in the dark. I slowly begin to unbutton my blouse, and my other hand reaches up under my skirt, and I begin to feel my pussy get wetter.

I lean in to Santoro as he faces towards me. We can’t resist any more, and start kissing wildly. We stay as quiet as we can, but as his hand grips my breast, and he strokes my nipples, I groan..

Suddenly, my boss turns around. He sees us passionately kissing, my tits hanging out of my blouse, and my skirt up over my arse. I wink at him, knowing he can’t leave the room, and straddle Santoro to feel his thick, hard cock slide into me. I gently rock on the chair as he licks and sucks my nipples until they’re hard in his mouth. I lean back, and see my boss has his dick out, and is furiously wanking as he watches us, like he has no other choice. I laugh and lick my lips.

Within a second, his cock is in my mouth as I’m fucking Santoro. I spin round, and am soon on all fours on the meeting room table, still half dressed, but my shirt ripped open, and my skirt being held by Santoro as he fucks me from behind. I lick the precum from my boss’ cock, and pull it out of my mouth. I don’t want him to come quite yet.

I pull Santoro underneath me, so I can fill myself with that delicious, hard stiffy. But I can feel my boss’ firm grip on my neck, pushing me down. Not only do my tits hang in Santoro’s mouth for him to suck, but I can feel the rock hard cock of my boss entering my tight arsehole. Mmm….Oh my god, I’m so filled! I’m being pushed harder onto Santoro’s cock, and I cry out louder feeling my boss invading my arse. I’m so wet! My pussy clamps on Santoro’s cock and I grind it harder and harder…I want it all to both keep going, and to end…

My pussy feels so good, so in control of this pretty boy, but loving being invaded and used by my boss as he pounds my arse. It’s gloriously empowering, but I’m being so deliciously used at the same time. My breasts are being licked, sucked, groped and squeezed. My hair pulled back, my arse spanked, my pussy filled..gripping and twitching onto his erection until he grips my hips down..and cums inside me, filling me with hot, creamy cum as I orgasm…My boss pulls out as he spurts all over my arse and my back, rubbing it in with the tip of his dick, before pulling my skirt down, straightening himself out, and leaving the room.

I smile, and kiss Santoro one more time, before leaving the cash on the table, and walking out…


Well, a girl can dream….

Sadly, my day wasn’t quite as exciting, but those are the times when you can sit and daydream even more!

About the author: Nina – a writer, artiest and high class escort at Asian Fantasy Escort agency.