Website Upgrade and Other Changes

Well you’re probably wondering where I’ve been the last couple of weeks. Not far in fact, I’ve been right here but had to allocate my blogging time to other just as important pursuits. The elves at Claire Inc. have been running around preparing for photo shoots and a website upgrade soon to hit your computer screen.

Here’s what’s in the pipeline for 2016

Blog Competition

The deadline for the guest blog competition is fast approaching – 01 July 2016. For those who are not aware yet, I am running a guest blog competition on my site. Anyone can enter….  Escorts, Courtesans, Strippers, Indie Authors, Sex Bloggers and Gentlemen are all welcome.

The Winner Wins:-

First Prize: An afternoon or evening with me.


If I am unable to service the prize, you are overseas or you are female I will transfer cash or a voucher to the value of GBP 250 to you.

You can write about anything that you want. Your experiences in industry, relationships, an erotica short story or just what’s on your mind. There is no predetermined length or special conditions. The only criteria for the blog post is that it not be sordid, that it be relevant and that it helps to generate traffic to my site. My web developer will assist me in collating data to this effect. Winner will be announced on the 1st of July 2016.

If you are interested in entering the competition, please email me on info(*) before entering a post.

New Gallery

As you are all aware, and I have mentioned this in a previous post. My gallery has collapsed under the heavy weight of the pictures from the first photo shoot. This was my first time taking pictures for my own website and my logic was to hire the most current and competent photographer with the most high tech equipment. The photo shoot went extraordinarily well but unfortunately produced files that were too heavy for my poor WordPress site to bear. The result is that the gallery hangs when you click to enlarge a picture.

A new gallery shoot was done on Monday, the theme for the photo shoot was Burlesque and I am told that it went well. I have not seen the pictures personally as I never approve of my own image. When they are ready they will be sent to my web developer. The pictures should be up towards the end of next week.

New Website Layout

Having had this website for about six months now, I have gained some insight as to how it should run and am making changes to the layout.  We are currently in this process and if you stare at the site long enough you will be able to see the construction going on around you. I am now back at my blog and apologise for the intermission.

Winter Special and Pricing Update

For the duration of winter I am running a two hour special and have implemented a few other small changes to my rate sheet. I have received some concerned enquiries from persons asking why my rate sheet form requests an email address. Please be assured that I am not farming email addresses. The only people who receive emails from me (once or twice annually) are the people who subscribe to my newsletter on the left hand side of the screen. I do not even email my regulars. The only reason the rate sheet is attached to a form is for legal reason due to the fact that my site is hosted in the Seychelles and exists only to prove that the information was distributed on your request. If you are concerned you can always create a fake email account or contact me telephonically. Contact sheets are standard on all sites around the world and although it is relatively new in London on an independent escort site such as mine, it is not a trick of any kind.

New Venue

We are moving towards a new venue at the beginning of Summer, FEB 2016. In order to raise funds for this, I have re-implemented the one hour in call. Please note that I pay tax, offer my gentlemen the best of everything and invested lots of money in marketing alone into my business in the previous year. I work privately, am independent and carry all costs on my own. Most people do not spend that much money even if they are in industry full time. I am part time and working on a quarter of the volume of most girls and have invested what should have been savings into trying to elevate myself and this enterprise to international standards. I am not reinventing the wheel and hope that before I go, I have created a model and set an example of how civilised and pleasant this kind of business can be when run independently to show that it can be beneficial to both parties. All of the changes have been implemented in order to offer you the exclusivity that I expect and you deserve. I appreciate my regulars, their support and thank you for your loyalty. I am working towards offering you a wow venue that is very discreet and upmarket and have a few other surprises in the pipeline.