A sexy story – Taxi Teasing

I consider myself to be very adventurous and open minded so you can imagine my delight when I was told that I had been requested by a client who was looking for an open minded escort in London for fun in a taxi. This didn’t seem too unusual though as I had already enjoy many surreptitious trysts in the back of a taxi but apparently, I was told, this was one with a difference. My interest was sparked further when I was told that the client was to be the driver and I was to be alone in the back of the cab seemingly unaware that the driver was watching me. Now this was something I would really enjoy although apparently it was to take place in a disused airfield for safety’s sake.
I eagerly agreed and was given the details of where we were to meet that evening. After replacing the phone I wandered over to the bathroom to relax in a hot bath and think about this role play scenario. I was very excited at the prospect of the evening ahead. It was such a turn on to think that I could be lost in pleasuring myself and all the time unaware that I was being watched. I felt tingles all over and it wasn’t the bubbles in the bath.

By 8pm that evening I had formed a plan. I was waiting at the entrance of the Park Plaza hotel in Victoria, which is close to where I live. A black cab pulled up at the kerbside in front of me. The driver leaned out and asked,’Valerie?’ I nodded and smiled ‘I’m Mike, we have an appointment I believe’. ‘Thank you, I’d like to go to the airfield please’ I replied as I climbed in the back of the cab. We sped off into the night in the general direction of Thurrock. Neither of us spoke during the journey. It wouldn’t have been possible anyway as he had pulled the glass partition across rendering any conversation impossible. I wondered if he could handle a little titillation on the way or should I wait until we arrived. I decided on the former as it was to be a fairly long drive and I was already excited to get started.


A small reading light had been clipped to the back seat of the cab and I realised that this was so that the driver could see what was going on in the back clearly. I flicked the little light on and it instantly bathed me in a soft warm glow. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement in the front of the cab. Mike was adjusting his mirror a little bit in order to get a better view however still, neither of us spoke.

I pretended to feign interest in a magazine I had brought along, noisily flicking through each page until I reached the end and dropped it down on the seat beside me. I turned to search through my bag and brought out a little paperback and settled myself down to pretend to read. I held the book open with one hand and shifted my position so that I could cross my legs. As I did so my wrap over skirt opened to reveal rather a lot of my thigh however I didn’t make any move to adjust it.

I noticed that the taxi had sped up slightly. I sat there with my thigh revealed for a few minutes, willing the miles along in my mind. I so wanted to tease this man but obviously I didn’t want to cause an accident, so I had to be cautious. Whilst still pretending to read my book, I made a great show of becoming warm. I used the book to fan my face and neck arching my head back to reveal my impressive décolletage. I sighed and re-crossed my legs so that my other thigh was now revealed. I saw signs along the road which indicated we were near to our destination and I smiled to myself.

I watched out of window as we entered the airfield. There was such an expanse of space and there was no-one around that I could see. The car slowed to a crawl and I took this as my cue. I fanned myself again with my book and signed loudly as I shrugged myself out of my jacket. I had worn a sheer blouse which clung to my generous bosom revealing my dark erect nipples, I am a natural 34F so I am aware that the sight of my breasts is very impressive to gentlemen who have a preference for busty escorts in London. I pretended to concentrate on my book whilst I began to play with my hair. I twirled a lock around my index finger then trailed an imaginary line down my neck , across my collar bone and to my right breast where I let it linger for a while.

I let out a quiet murmur of appreciation and checked the rear view mirror of the cab to ensure my companion was watching. He was. I slid my hand down my ribcage and into the waistband of my skirt. I knew he couldn’t see what I was doing under the skirt but he could see enough to know I was turned on. I moved myself into a more comfortable position and as I did so my skirt fell open to reveal my tiny lace thong. I raised my right leg and placed it on the seat beside me so that I had easy access. I noticed that the rear view mirror moved again but I ignored it and continued, self absorbed. I continued in this fashion for quite a while making sure that my audience was transfixed and since I didn’t hear a word except some laboured breathing I took that to mean that I was on the right tracks.

The cab slowed completely to a halt and I paused for a second unsure as to whether I should continue or not but then I realised that maybe the driver was otherwise engaged so I continued for as long as I could manage. The taxi windows were soon fogged up from all the hot air being expelled from within and after around 5 minutes I heard the familiar squeak of glass being cleaned and the fans of the taxi kicked in full blast. Without being told, I took this to mean that our ride was over and I readjusted myself for the journey back.

The return journey was silent and fast however I have since taken many mysterious cabs and thoroughly enjoy my journeys!

What Does 2014 Have In Store? The Most Exciting Sex Toys Coming to Market

A Sex toy review by a Sex Master: Independent escort Carmen.

Despite a slow start, I think we can say we’re pretty well into 2014 now. We’re forgetting about all those holiday parties, lifting ourselves out of the depression that January always brings and looking onwards and upwards, craning our heads to see what 2014 will bring. Every good whore dedicates a certain amount of time towards strategy, succession planning and career opportunities at the beginning of each year. The sex industry is just that, an industry and if you want longevity in it, you need a business plan that succeeds the lifespan of your own vagina. Although I always dreamed of being a housewife in the burbs, it occurred to me that I might need a back-up plan and have noted that the famed courtesans of yesteryear are migrating into the field of sex toy reviews. I have spent some time developing my website and who better to review toys than somebody who does indeed have unnaturally high amounts of sex with a variety of partners.

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