A sexy story – Taxi Teasing

I consider myself to be very adventurous and open minded so you can imagine my delight when I was told that I had been requested by a client who was looking for an open minded escort in London for fun in a taxi. This didn’t seem too unusual though as I had already enjoy many surreptitious trysts in the back of a taxi but apparently, I was told, this was one with a difference. My interest was sparked further when I was told that the client was to be the driver and I was to be alone in the back … Read the rest

What Does 2014 Have In Store? The Most Exciting Sex Toys Coming to Market

A Sex toy review by a Sex Master: Independent escort Carmen.

Despite a slow start, I think we can say we’re pretty well into 2014 now. We’re forgetting about all those holiday parties, lifting ourselves out of the depression that January always brings and looking onwards and upwards, craning our heads to see what 2014 will bring. Every good whore dedicates a certain amount of time towards strategy, succession planning and career opportunities at the beginning of each year. The sex industry is just that, an industry and if you want longevity in it, you need a business plan … Read the rest