Why the 50 Shades of Grey Movie will Make Millions but Kill the Brand

Somewhere on my bookshelf, hidden behind all of my other books is the Fifty Shades Trilogy still packaged neatly in its box. Academically, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I own the books and that is why they are hidden but the curiosity was killing me so I snuck off and sheepishly bought them as a Christmas gift for myself late last year. I did not manage to finish reading the books for reasons I’ll explain later but I am fascinated by this phenomena that has swept across the globe.

50 shades of grey and escort story

There does not seem to be any stopping the commercial juggernaut that is 50 Shades of Grey. Three books, a film, sex toys, party games, lingerie, a fragrance, greetings cards, a ‘sensual care’ collection, jewellery, a classical music compilation album and now wine; E L James has certainly done well for herself. Since I have made a career out of my sexuality, I can’t help but feel hard done by that I was outshone by a “theoreticist”. Having spent years as an escort and in the trenches, I can’t help but ask the question….. Why didn’t I come up with this? ( I don’t mean to suggest that E.L. James doesn’t get any action, merely that there were other more likely sources for this sort of literature.)

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The Flying Dutchman

It’s 12pm on a Friday afternoon. I have just done my in-call appointment for the day and Big Joe is in the shower preparing to go back to work. I pop downstairs to check on my phones and find an email from a Dutch lady who calls herself Enna. Enna states in the email that she is trying to reach me but I’m not answering, am I available to speak to her. I check my phones and there I see two missed international calls so I text back apologising for missing the call and tell her that I am available to speak. Big Joe is dressed, I kiss him farewell and see him out the door. As I open, a cold gust of air blows in and I’m pleased that I don’t have anywhere I need to be today.

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The Dichotomy of Companions and Hobbyists

When I was young, I had a strange habit of chewing my food equally as many times on either side of my mouth before swallowing. I attribute this bizarre custom to a story that was once told to me by a very old Irish nun. Before primary school, I had a lost year where my mother was transferred to a new job and I was not happy with the kindergarten I was going to. Nobody knew what to do with me so I went to a roman catholic convent where they had a zero year. It was a peculiar year where I learned to write in phonetics which I promptly had to unlearn the following year when I went to yet another school, but that is by the by. What the wise Sr. Anne of Dublin had tried convey to me with absolute gravity was that in life we should always pretend that there is an angel sitting on one shoulder and the devil sitting on the other. The devil is always trying to tempt us and the angel is always trying to guide us in the right direction. I believe this story was intended as an analogy between our daily choices between good and evil but at that age; I did not have the maturity to comprehend it as an analogy. I was a very thoughtful child and used to take everything that I was told literally. I genuinely proceeded with this experiment with the best of intentions and always tried to make the choices that the angel would agree with. My problem came at eating time…. How could I deny the devil his share of the food? It is one thing to be cast out of heaven and condemned to life in the mythical underworld but a man’s got to eat right? Continue reading The Dichotomy of Companions and Hobbyists

Follow your bliss – the connection between tantra and creative energy

the tantra temple
the tantra temple

Since starting to learn about Tantra, I’ve come to understand that there is always some new to discover, it is an ever changing web. It is a vast and ancient subject, not static in its definition. The discussion of what Tantra is can stem from the influences and cultural background of its development, how it has evolved and changed along the way. Personally Tantra is about being honest, authentic and yourself, it is connected with using the body and following pleasure, desire and passion not just in sex, in every aspect of our lives, it incorporates using the 5 senses and the breath as the gatepost between the mind and the body, the inner journey should generate the awareness that everything is connected and that everyone and every living thing has a spark of the divine within them.

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My secret fashion outfit For Role Play

I’ve always had a thing about school uniforms: white knickers, long socks, pleated skirts but its only since I’ve been working as an indpendent escort in London have I been able to exercise my imagination and have had such fun. My names Twilight and I learnt at an early age that lots of men have a fantasy about that too. It’s really exciting having my knickers pulled down and gently smacked when dressed like a naughty school girl. “Giggles”

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Measure the Beauty

I do like facts and figures as you may know and apart from my own sexy, shapely stats I was fascinated to learn that there is a perfect beauty ratio that governs a woman’s face. Known as the two golden ratios, they are:

  • a) The ideal length between the eyes and the mouth and
  • b) The preferred width between the eyes.

The ancient Greeks where the first to play with the concept of golden ratios when expressing themselves in art and architecture though nowadays the average distance between the eyes, mouth and face contour forms the true golden rations.


According to recent researchers our feline faces are judged more attractive if the vertical distance between our eyes and mouth is approximately 36% of the length of our face. in addition the horizontal distance between the middle of our eyes should be about 46% of the width of our face.

Take a look at Megan Fox for a ‘perfect beauty’ ratio example. Though if you ask me it starts to get a bet overtly complicated especially when a girls hairdo can completely change the ratios. Nuff said.
And whose heard the old saying, ‘You don’t look at the mantelpiece when you stoke the fire?’

Want my opinion?

Its nothing to do with ratios and all to do with personal taste.

Tantra Lingam Massage – The Gateway to Heaven

Originally by: Jennifer Lawless
Recently I came across a fantastic blog about Tantric massage: Tantra: Gateway to Ecstasy.

Jennifer Lawless., author of the blog tantraecstasy.blogspot.co.uk describes in a perfect way how a Lingam massage should be done. And I soon learned that I was not so professional as I think when I worked in a massage parlour one year ago when I was in UK.

Here is Jennifer’s explain of how to do lingam massage.

In Tantra, the penis is called the Lingam, which in Sanskrit can be translated as Wand of Light. A Lingam massage is a massage of the male genitals using a large variety of strokes and grips. The goals of the Lingam massage are to honour your man’s Lingam and to help him to expand his ability to receive pleasure.

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My Thoughts On Massaging A Woman


As a Tantric masseuse I massage men, women, and couples. Just last week I had an appointment with an upscale business woman. She ordered the dinner and tantra massage package.

I took the taxi and promptly arrived at the hotel where she was staying, which was one of London’s latest design hotels in Soho area, so she was certainly of woman of taste.

When she greeted me, I could tell she was very nervous.
She admitted that she had never done anything like this before. We sat at the hotel bar, had dinner and a couple of drinks and I explained the process to her. By the time we headed to her room, I could tell I had comforted her.

The woman asked me if I preferred to massage men or women. Since I am a bisexual I enjoy massaging both but I had to admit that women were my preference. There is something that gets me every time I am able to ease a woman’s mind and body through a sensual massage. Their delicate skin reminds me of my own feminism, which heightens my own sensuality during the massage.
She smiled as I explained this to her. We undressed and I instructed her to lie down on the bed. I provided her with my best tantric massage performance, releasing all of her stress.

The woman had me come back two more times before she headed back to her home in the United States. She was one of my best female customer experiences by far. I was reminded, yet again, why I receive so much enjoyment out of massaging women. They seem to let go of all their inhibitions. It is as though they feel the sensuality of the massage straight through to their core. Although there is no sex involved, tantric massage stimulates all of the body, including intimate parts of the body so it can be very sexual in nature.

I love watching as the woman’s body relaxes, seeing it in her face as she lets all the tension of the day melt away with each and every stroke of my hand. I love massaging men too of course, but I understand and enjoy that feminine sensitivity since it mirrors my own. It is that understanding that helps me provide the best massage experience I can possibly give. I know exactly how my own body would respond to such a touch and so I do what I know feels good. I will never forget that woman and hope to see her again.

My dark younger years

I recoiled as I remember my younger years, I’ve been able to run away from him but still I’m using my body in exchange of favourable things like money, jewels but above all that is satisfaction. I use my body to gain not just those things but power.

Having the power to make your client beg you to give them pleasure is a great aphrodisiac. Some may like to be used as a chattel and nothing else while some wants to be the one dominating. All of that makes me more alive. I feel so free of all the things my family will think if ever they’ll know what I am doing with my life. I don’t care anymore for I was trained by them to be just like this. The only difference is that I can choose whom I have to be with. No person on earth can force me to go out with someone I don’t want to be with.

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